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Time and Again...

After building a couple attempts at a family website, the idea was pushed into the background while our Website Design company was built one line of code at a time. Now that we have become a success at building sites from the base up in handwritten code, a new push was made to develope a fully featured family site.

Hamper Eye

Other Options...

We know that there are plenty of other options for getting your photo albums onto the web, and plenty of options for keeping in touch and posting news for your family. However, after looking up many of these options, we found them to be very difficult to use and even more difficult for friends and family to use.  This is why we have developed a more friendly option that simplifies the posting of photos and news while providing usful features that a family needs to keep in touch.

And... as always... Thank You.

A website is nothing without visitors.


"If a website is built on the web, but nobody is there to view it... does it make a load?" - Tally Fells



Building the Web one strand at a time...
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