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6/2/2014 12:58:30 PM

Things I am Thankful About, and Not So Thankful About

On the list of things I am thankful for... 

My toilet not seeping water into the tile floor grout when bumped too hard.

My toilet not having ugly caulking all over the base of it... because maybe that was supposed to keep it from seeping or something... what were they thinking?  

My toilet being attached to a flange that isn't broken... and that flange being attached to SOMETHING... because evidently until yesterday, it wasn't attached to anything.  Sure... THAT is a good idea.

So in case you missed the last post, here is how that repair went... Toilet Repair

Also, I am thankful that hubby found the wrist brace for me, since my wrist and about half my arm and hand has been alternately in burning pain and stabbing numbness ( No, I don't know how that works... that is just how it feels. ) ever since I spent a large part of last month digging the greater part of 25 big holes and a 20 ft trench.  Wrist brace... great for keeping wrist immobilized... not so great for typing accurately.  But now I have something to blame for my poor grammar and spellling, yes?

Not so thankful for...

The fact that the roofer hired to replace and repair the roof after it was damaged by hail over SIX MONTHS AGO thinks that this is a great way to leave it after taking all the insurance money and then never finishing, showing up, or returning our calls.


Things to note about contractors (in my experience at least)...
  1. NEVER hire a friend-of-a-friend... or in this case, family-of-a-friend.  Because you are just as likely to be screwed over by them, and then you have the added irritation of things being uncomfortable between you and friend.
  2. NEVER give (or let your trusting husband give) the second half of the money to the contractor before the work is done... and done RIGHT.  Even if they threaten to not finish the job until they are paid the rest of the money.  Because you will NEVER... SEE... THEM... AGAIN.  Look in the contract... I can almost guarantee it states that they don't get the rest of the money until everything is done.
  3. IF you are foolish enough to ignore rules #1 and #2, immediately call the insurance, and sheepishly admit that you should have called them the instant that the contractor refused to finish the work before being paid the rest of the money that he should not get until the work is finished.
Yep... that is how that went.  So after SIX MONTHS from the time the contractor was supposed to start work on the roof, there are still things damaged, the gutter is no where to be found (very important because of how our water runs to the back of the house and then water pools right next to the back foundation), the facer boards are half-scraped and unpainted, there are literally THOUSANDS of nails and screws all over within 20 ft of the house along with several trash-bags worth of trash that I have been slowly getting picked up, but at least the roof is good, right?



Oh yeah... EXCEPT IT ISN'T!!!  As we were out Saturday fixing the back trim and seal that the roofers did a crap job on, I noticed this foam gasket that was poorly installed... half of it falling out and half shoved up under the roof well past where it should be, and while trying to straighten it out, I noticed that water was pooling under the metal roofing below the kitchen skylight and two of the other skylights, too.


And not only is there water pooling under the metal, but when the sporadic rains chased us inside... I hear: "Splap... splap... splap... splap..."  Yep... that is the wonderful sound of water dripping from the roof into the ceiling in the general vicinity of the kitchen skylight.

So, Thanks Mr. Roofer.  This is why people HATE contractors.  I have personally met a few nice ones, but the only two that have ever worked on my roofs have taken the money, done shit work, never finished what they said they would... AND left a leaking roof behind them.

Hubby will be calling the insurance again today to find out what we do about the leaking, and he is collecting bids to figure out who to use for the gutter and painting.  And then I guess we can start this whole disastrous process again.

So... Much... Fun!


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6/2/2014 4:42:26 PM Punkin
All of this reminds me of our plumbing problems of not so very long ago. After our bathroom remodel. The remodeling people did very poorly on the plumbing for the new sink. They were thinking that no one would know the difference. What they couldn't have known was that the water pipes for the entire house would fall apart. They did and the problem with the sink plumbing was discovered and it was leaking into the basement. As the time frame of discovery was very short there was little to no damage and what there was could be easily repaired. More money for us but a blessing that it was found.

6/2/2014 5:36:57 PM TinkerT
Yea, I am glad we are finding out about the leaking now while the insurance claim is still open, but wouldn't it be nice if people would do the work like it was THEIR house. 

6/2/2014 7:18:17 PM Blake
how about calling the roofer back & letting him know that you'll be having channel 9 news out see what a "great Job" he's done for you?? 

so sorry this happened to you.  We got screwed many years ago by pre-paying for some fancy rocks for the yard....haha.. never did get them, but we were only out less than $200., mind you that was over 35 years ago and that was a lot of money then.    Felt so stupid & betrayed.... never got caught that way again.....& it was a big company too.. little did we know that they were under bankruptcy, had a big sale & everyone who shopped that weekend got screwed too..

6/2/2014 8:33:09 PM TinkerT
We called and left many messages and he never calls back.  At this point I am more than happy to let the insurance deal with him.  Just wish we didn't have to deal with the next guys either.

Oh well.  How life goes I guess.

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