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12/3/2014 3:15:17 PM

Cars - Headache and Heartache

A few weeks ago, hubby was in an accident while driving my beloved little red Subaru Justy "Roobie".  The other driver did an illegal U-turn without looking on an icy road.  (Yea, that is the kind of dim-wits that are on the road every day.)  Hubby's neck is very sore and the doctors kept him home from work for several days and he is still taking the last week of muscle-relaxants to try to get back in good shape, but he will be fine.  Thank heavens that the little Justy was made back when they actually put metal into cars, or hubby could have been hurt much worse.

My poor car on the other hand...  Moderate to medium damage to the front end, broken lights, windshield, damaged radiator, etc. and it has been being checked out by the insurance companies since then.  With the accident being fully the other person's fault, hubby has had a rental to get by with, but we have been in a state of great concern about transportation since "Bluebie" is out of commission from the deer incident, and "Roo" the station-wagon needs some serious brake work and possibly some new tires to be ready to go again, too.

Now the insurance has finally come back with a decision on the car.

So… for the bad news, the worse news, and the not quite as bad news… and the mediocre news…

The bad news is that the other people’s insurance wants to total my beloved Justy car (though we will have the option to deduct salvage value and keep the car).

The worse news is that they only want to dish out well under half of what it is worth and want the rental turned in right away.

The not quite as bad news is that our insurance says that the value they are offering is bull and will cut us a check for almost twice the other insurance (though that is still about $1500 short of any chance of replacing the car with something in comparable condition).

The mediocre news is that we currently think that the damaged parts can be frankensteined from a non-running Justy we have at the auto shop and we will hopefully get my car back in good running order with minimal cost... eventually… though never pretty again.

So we are looking at used cars despite the gamble of getting one that will immediately need work done.  I hate opening a brand new can of worms when I don't know what flavor they will be, but it is probably time to expand the auto-family again to include a hopefully decent running car.  Besides, it is kind of an unwritten rule of the mountains that you have to have at least twice as many vehicles as people, and you can count on having half or more of them being broken down in some shape or form from weather, animals, and stupid drivers.

Yep... the world keeps turning...... in that roundhouse-kick-kinda-way.

          12/4/2014 8:25:38 AM - A "New" Used Addition to Our Car Family

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12/3/2014 4:21:04 PM Punkin
Does that mean that when you turn in the rental you won't have transportation at all? I know we talked about this but I can't remember what you said. Sorry!

12/3/2014 4:22:30 PM Punkin
All this news at once and we are so sorry!

12/3/2014 5:39:21 PM TinkerT
Roobie will be drive-able when Chris turns in the rental as long as he keeps some extra coolant on hand and checks it frequently, but we are hoping to have something running decently to purchase today or tomorrow, so we will hopefully not have to drive Roobie too much with the damage.

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