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12/9/2014 1:18:25 PM

More About Our New-Used Car

So our new-used car, a Suzuki SX4 Sport, has been running well so far and already has a name.  Okay... so I have to admit I named the thing before I even had a chance to drive it, but with hubby having to take it to work before the crack-of-dawn and not getting home until pitch-black-O-clock, I didn't even get a chance to drive it around until Saturday and it needed a name long before then.

Much like "Roo" our first Subaru... this SX4 got it's name mostly from it's maker.

Meet "Zuki"...


And yes... "Zuki" does kinda make both me and hubby think of zucchini... but it is isn't green.  However, there is a zucchini that is an Italian zucchini, which is a funny coincidence since the car was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro's Italdesign as a group effort of Suzuki and Fiat.  So an italian zucchini makes perfect sense.

Saturday I finally got to drive Zuki around town, and it is as nice as I had hoped.  A little larger than a Justy, but not a large car by any means, however you can see in the pictures that hubby has plenty of head-room... something that was a bit lacking for his size in a Justy.

After having the Fiat 500 for a rental (Fiat's next step based on the SX4), I feared that the SX4 might have the terrible blind spots and oddly over-sized center console that the Fiat had.  However, the SX4 (at least the 2007 model) has none of these issues and is super fun to drive.  

And of course, I have already fallen in love with the "clicker" that locks/unlocks and "panics" making finding the car in a big lot much easier.  Unfortunately there was only one clicker with the car and it was taped together with packing tape after being broken at some point.  Sadly to get a new one the cheapest price we found was $120 from Ace Hardware.  Nothing I could justify.  However, after a bit of online searching, we were able to order two used ones (in good condition) from Ebay for $20 each including shipping, and a little rubber cover to protect the clicker from damage for another $8... still a luxury that isn't really necessary, but a reasonable enough price that I was able to justify it under "Christmas".

Of course, every used car comes with a laundry list, and here is Zuki's and where we are with each item:

  • Replace positive battery terminal connector, clean both connectors and spray with corrosion preventive.  (Done)
  • Use bolts to attach front license plate instead of the wire that was used.  (Done)
  • Get license plate fame for both front and back to protect license plates from wind damage.  (Purchased but not installed yet)
  • Vacuum out and clean interior.  (Done)
  • Take to car wash for exterior.  (Done)
  • Apply protectant to all vinyl and dash.  (Not done yet)
  • Replace back wiper blade. (Purchased but not installed yet)
  • Get spare keys.  (Done)
  • Locate and order reasonable priced "clickers" for lock /unlock/panic.  (Done and currently being shipped)
  • Locate and purchase spare batteries for clicker.  (Done... HarborFreight had them in a pack of 4 for $3)
  • Fix two larger paint scratches on driver's door.  (Purchased supplies but not repaired yet)
  • Fix leak in windshield washer fluid reservoir. (Purchased patch kit, but not done yet)
  • Get deep floor mats for snow and ice.  (Haven't found reasonable priced ones yet)
  • Possibly replace small hose that goes from radiator to reservoir.  (Not 100% sure if it needs it or not yet)
  • Put in glove box emergency supply kit, including band-aids, alcohol prep-pads, over-the-counter headache/allergy/stomach medicines, eye drops, wet wipes, carmex lip balm, sunscreen, bug repellent, sanitary napkins, matches, and hot-hands hand warmers.  (Done... and it sounds like a lot, but when packed right it fits all into about 2/3 of a quart sized zip-lock bag) 
  • Put in glove box the "red eared envelope"... a square envelope with it's corners marked in bright red and lined with a strong card-stock to protect the contents.  It holds ONLY the most current insurance card and registration and is the same size/color/location in every one of our cars.  We never need to dig through a dozen papers for the items we need if we are ever stopped.  (Done.)
  • Identify items we need to put in the "trunk" with the spare tire, like cargo straps, fluids, emergency blanket, tow strap, jumper cables, etc  (About half done)
  • Find or fabricate a cargo area cover.  (Something for the future todo list)
So while the list seems long, most of the items are cosmetic or very minor.  Hopefully that will last, as I have already grown very fond of Zuki... our little italian squash.

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12/9/2014 4:18:27 PM Punkin
"Zuki" Should be very proud of its (he / she) new parents.
TLC will be something to get used to and a perfect purr is its reward when on the go.
Seriously such a cute new car. As with every new purchase there is a long list of to-do's but they all pay off in the future.
Again congratulation and much success with "zuki"

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