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Odd Tanks and Tank Designs

Smallest nano ever
Smallest nano ever?

One Cherry Shrimp, One Red Ramshorn Snail, two small slow growing plants, tiny driftwood, a little used gravel.

This tiny tank stayed at Chris' work and the shrimp and snail lived happily in it for about a year until he changed jobs.
Rocking Fish
Rocking Fish

Mother wanted a little fish tank and loved rocking horses.  The belly of the horse holds a 2.5g tank and an hob filter.  The seat lifts on hinges to provide access and a small 5 inch flourecent light shines inside.  (The rockers were braced so that it wouldn't rock.)

The light house seen on the right is also part of a tank design for my aunt.  The small 2.5g tank cover was a steep slanted roof for the rest of the lighthouse building and a round night light in the top of the lighthouse gave it more character.  The small hob filter hung behind the 'tower'.

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