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Home Made Throw Pillows - I have to admit that I am pretty proud of my pillows. Chris helped me pick material and picked up zippers and such, and I made a whole herd of very nice, usable and decorative pillows for our living room and some for my chaise lounge upstairs, too.

More than we know what to do with, but sure makes for a nice selection.

All are made from thick 'sherpa fur' and suede-like upholstery fabrics.

They turned out higher quality than store bought pillows, and the whole lot of them cost less than a pair of big ones from home goods stores.

I am proud of the nearly hidden zippers.  Was easier than hand stitching each one closed, and looks much nicer than many of the store bought pillows.

A variety of shapes and sizes should give us pillows for every occasion.

My new/used chaise lounge in the loft is a perfect place to sip coffee and enjoy the view.

We found a throw blanket that matches perfectly, so we got another to make some things out of.

First... a better matching kitty bed.

This one is a little small for Hamper anyway.

Now both kitties can use it and it matches the chaise.

Also made some pillows to go with the chaise.

Foam, lumbar support, and rice pillow will give extra comfort to achy muscles that spent too much time in front of the sewing machine.  LOL

I also re-finished an end table to be our coffee table since we needed something small. (table is on left of picture)

I also added a shelf under it to hold remote controls and such.

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