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We got a nicer used dishwasher, but the wood front didn't match our cabinets, so we re-did the front.

Our old dishwasher.  Worked well, but not as fancy as the new one and I always wanted one that would match the cabinets.

New dishwasher... nicer, but the wood front didn't match.

There was an extra board with the dishwasher so we thought we could use the back and stain it to match.

Will it work?

Er... NO.  It came out very very red.  I guess it makes more of a difference as to what the color of the wood is to start with.

I touched up the board that was on the dishwasher, but still just didn't like the darker wood.  So we went to the store and found a cabinet end board that looked like it would match when stained.

The new board looks just like our cabinets when stained with 'Early American'.

Two coats of varnish make it very water resistant... very important for a dishwasher panel.

Had to use the scraper blade of my multi-tool to remove parts of the old board from the dishwasher.

Painted the sides black to help it blend with the cabinets.

Epoxy for gluing on the new panel.

It set in about 15 minutes, but I kept it clamped overnight.

New panel looks good and just needs the kick-plate attached.

I drilled in a slot for the screw so that I could slide it up or down as needed to fit snug to the floor.

Finished and matches pretty darn well!

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