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7/9/2015 5:02:27 PM

Trouble Tray

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It is hard to believe, but one of my nieces is heading off to college in the fall.  Seems like just yesterday she was poking a dead lizard with a stick and saying "He was a gooood lizard.  I Looooved that lizard." despite the fact that she never met said lizard before.  How incredibly fast they grow up... but I will always kindof see here like this:

Incredibly adorable, right?

But she is grown up now and off she will go to a land far away.  So I was wracking my brain for quite a while as to what to get her for a graduation/college-bound gift.  Among a few other things, this is finally what I decided on...  A "Trouble Tray".  Kind of a first-aid crossed between a medicine cabinet, tool kit, and handy things that many people don't know they need until they need them.  Everything from Benadryl to a sewing kit, ratcheting screwdriver to bandaids, and a little of a lot in between.

The best part though, is fitting it all into a flat tool/hardware tray.  Like three dimensional tetris where only a few of the blocks are rectangular and they are not guaranteed to fit in any direction.  It starts with fitting the most important stuff first... then putting in the moderately important stuff, then taking out the important stuff and finding it in a different size and starting over... several times.  Just the kind of challenge that I go for with surprising enthusiasm.

The tray is compact and should fit pretty much anywhere, but at the same time it keeps things spread out and fairly visible.  Some photoshop work and text on lightened pictures, and the lid opens up to give a reference guide not only for what is in the box and where, but also a brief description of the uses for things.  Though I admit the descriptions are as much for amusement as they are of use, some information like which allergy medications will make you drowsy are important to know.


So... while most of us have a full medicine cabinet at home, for those of us with dear family members who are leaving the nest... let's not forget the bandaids... antibacterial ointment... ice packs... nail file... super glue... pepto bismol... spare buttons...

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7/12/2015 6:24:27 PM Punkin
This is such a wonderful idea. Every one should have one as you never know when it could save a life.

7/13/2015 3:49:33 PM Crash
only you would come up with this. Cute and so practical

7/13/2015 3:51:19 PM TinkerT
Thanks.  I think it is partly because I am a clutz... I often need bandaids or tylenol.  LOL.

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