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new sliding glass door8/25/2015 2:00:00 PM

New Door is Here!

Okay... the new door is almost here.  

new sliding glass door almost

Technically at the bottom of a steep 100+ foot driveway.  Yea... curb-side drop off means not "house-side" drop off.  But hubby and I should be able to lug it up the rest of the way to the house when he gets home from work.

old sliding glass doorThis nice new door will be replacing the old aluminum frame one that got it's outer pane crackled last year and has been held together with packing tape since then.  

Luckily, hubby will have Thursday and Friday to go with the weekend and probably Monday as well.  So I will try to take some pictures of our progress on the big list of to-do... and just maybe we will get all the to-dos done.

          9/2/2015 2:14:26 PM - I am Done.
          8/24/2015 12:07:56 PM - Getting Ready for a Busy Two Weeks

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8/25/2015 3:24:40 PM Punkin
So glad to hear your door is just down the hill. Also great to hear that there will be some days together.
If visiting is out then just a phone call will be great.
Love Ya

8/26/2015 12:07:12 PM WAMom
Your homestead is looking good! We just put a new roof on our house and $30,000 later we are eating beans and rice. Poor Scott can't retire until we get it paid off. Tell hubby to be careful down south. We love you both. Sending hugs your way. Mom

9/3/2015 10:03:55 AM TinkerT
We got the door up to the house when Chris got home at around 11pm.  It only weighs about 125lbs, but is incredibly unwieldy.  After a dozen false starts, finally we got going with the mover strap thing a friend gave us (so wonderful by the way) and I put it on backwards and hauled like a plow-horse with one arm lifting my end and hubby trying to keep things steady and tilted just enough not to smack my ankle with each step.  It took a ton out of us… much more than I expected and I am really sore today.  I was planning on trying to clean up the house more in case my sister and brother-in-law need to come up to help us this weekend, but I think I may just try to rest most of today instead. 

We will attempt to install the door tomorrow.  I measured again from both the inside and outside and I really think the door opening is going to be fine without needing re-framed and getting it square shouldn’t be a problem as that is just a matter of measuring both diagonal and making sure it is exactly the same distance.  I think the biggest challenge will be getting it 100% vertical along the whole length… any torque could seriously cause problems later.  I expect spending about 80% of the day just shimming and re-shimming.  But hopefully it will go smoothly.

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