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10/16/2015 11:59:43 AM

Quick Bare Phone Pocket / Slip Case

I have finally gotten smart.  Well, at least my phone has.  There was a good deal on Groupon for a refurbished fancy, at least compared to my old style, phone and free service from FreedomPop.  (You can see my review of FreedomPop at the end of this post.)

So I have ordered a screen protector and a thin case for the phone that will hopefully let the phone still fit into my tiny purse.  But while ordering from Amazon is often cheaper than store purchases, you have to wait for the stuff to arrive.  And while I wait, I found I really like playing music from iHeart radio as I wander around in and out of the house, and I also expect to use the camera on the phone to take project pictures.

The trouble with this is that I seldom have pockets in my clothing and don't really want a giant gorilla sized case and a hard plastic belt clamp stuck to my side.  So I crocheted a slip pocket with a soft strap for the phone.

If you have some basic skills for crocheting, you will probably not even need the pictures for this, but I thought it might help.

Note: This probably won't work for a phone in a case because the case may hang on the yarn and not slide in, though I am really hoping it will still work for the thin shell case I ordered.  Also, the most important part is to make it smaller than your phone... it will stretch, and depending on your yarn, it could stretch a lot. 

First, chain-stitch about one or two stitches shorter than the base of your phone (or even smaller if your yarn is very fluffy or stretchy).  Reverse and stitch back.  At the end, do not add a stitch... just keep going around the end and back the other way. Then just keep going around and around with no added stitches.  It will soon form a pocket that is a little smaller than your phone.  


Be sure to test fit at about 1/4 of the way.  It should be pretty snug but not so much that you have to really work at it.  Go back and restart if it is too loose or too tight.

Keep going around until you are about 3/4 or a little more of the way up the phone when test fitting...


Now start with an accent color if you want, or just continue with the same color.  Put a pin into the "front" side to remember which is the front, and make three more rows.... start by adding a stitch in the middle of the front, then one on each edge of the front, then edge-center-edge.  This will give a little extra room at the top to slide the phone in easier.


Then crochet a chain stitch from one side for the strap to barely as long as you need it (remember the stretch that will happen later) then reverse back to the pocket and stitch along the "back" side and off the other side.  Reverse and when you get back to the pocket, stitch back and forth between the straps until you are as tall as the top of the phone.

Of course, at this point you could make a flap that would velcro or button over the top, but I liked mine open and easy to get to.  It can be worn across the body, or like a belt around the waist.  The double stitch of yarn on the straps is comfortable, especially with the "boucle" type yarn I used.


Of course, I also needed somewhere to put my phone while charging near the bedside... and while I will eventually have a nice thin built-in style nightstand to go between the bed and my dresser (yea, that has been on the todo list for 5 years now), in the meantime, a thin cardboard / thick cardstock bent and with two staples in the bottom fold.... makes a quick and easy holder that just slips under the tile I use on top of my dresser.


Yea, it doesn't look the nicest, but for a temporary solution, it works.

----- My Review of FreedomPop -----

FreedomPop phone service... Free talk minutes, free # of texts, and a small data amount free, too. 

It is so very cheap because they start your account by having several "Free Trial" features that you have to search through every page of your account to turn off or they will charge you the next month and every month after... AND an auto "top-off" that will charge your account unless you find and turn it off as well. Also, the customer service won't even THINK about responding for 48 to 72 hours (according to their auto-responder) and still hasn't responded to my questions I sent five days ago. HOWEVER, if you really keep an eye and turn off all those free trial features, it CAN be free... just somewhat mediocre coverage, really poor customer service, and you are unable to use a normal text message service, you have to use theirs... which is okay. I will keep using their service since I use my phone very very seldom, and I like the refurbished phone I purchased for the service since it does all kinds of apps and fun things on the wifi at home, but I am not sure I would recommend it to anyone if they use their phone or data on a regular basis. For normal users I would say... go with T-mobile unlimited plans or some other "real" phone service.

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10/16/2015 2:26:40 PM Punkin
So cute. I don't have any of these type phones but your idea is also good for other little things we don't want to loose.

10/18/2015 10:29:22 AM crash
you are ever so clever

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