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7/15/2016 1:31:01 PM

Painting Progress

Uggg!  I have been making good progress on painting the house where the new shed will go, but have to admit I am wearing out really fast.  More frustrating than painting single board strips at a time, is having to fix many things that the previous painters either over-sprayed or just didn't tape off like they should.

One those things was the support beams behind the vent screen.  Probably more work than it would be worth to most people, but it kinda drove me a little nutsy seeing all those beams and how they don't match up with the white rails or anything.  To make it worse, they had been about half-sprayed with blue paint, too.


To fix the problem, I got some flat black spray paint and sprayed it through the vent mesh onto the beams.  Then when I came back across with the ladder to paint the upper section of wall, I touched up the over-spray and carefully re-painted the vent screen so it would match the rest of the screen.


LOL... no I am not obsessive compulsive at all, right?

Right up until I tell you I had to take an artist brush and push white paint into little grooves around the windows because the previous painters had over-sprayed into the grooves and it made it look like there were strange dark gaps that were missing caulking, but they were just grooves in the window casing that got sprayed blue because they didn't tape off the windows right.  Of course, there was also some sections that they didn't caulk at all and several areas that needed new caulking.  It is going to take several tons of work, but it sure will be nice to have all these problems fixed right.  

Keeping in mind that getting ready for the shed is priority, I was hoping that today would be the last painting for the shed area and above it.  I got to work early this morning and taped and painted (double coat) the window trim.  Needed to do 1 ˝ pairs of windows… and ran out quickly of paint in my tray, so filled it very full, but after finishing the 1 pair… I moved the ladder over to the ˝ that needed done and realized that I had not washed or caulked that half of the pair.  Guess I thought I should wait and move the swing out of the way and do the full pair at once instead of just half.

Grrrr.  So had a near-full tray of paint and only one door to use it on.  So did that door trim and the near trim on the other two doors.

So now I have two 1/2 door trims done, one pair of windows, and one full door.  And still had paint in my tray, so I went up and did the edge of the window trim for the next set that had been over-rolled with green.  At least it will only take one new coat on that section instead of two, but will have to move the swing and get that pair cleaned and caulked before I can fully paint them.

I think I may have to wait until Monday for that….. I am just too broken at the moment to do any more.

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7/15/2016 4:14:08 PM Punkin
Just looking at all the work and more work is over whelming.
I know that no mater how bad the inside of our house needs painting there is no way I could even consider that much work and you have twice that and you have already done the inside.
Another salute to the bravest of brave.

7/15/2016 4:53:01 PM TinkerT
LOL… Well…….. I actually have done only my bedroom and the bathrooms inside (and a wall or two).  Sadly I have all the paint to do my living/dining/kitchen, the hallway, and the spare bedroom.  But just haven’t gotten it done.  Too many things to move and just too lazy to be honest.

7/15/2016 5:03:40 PM Mom
You are making really good progress, looks great!

7/16/2016 8:05:46 AM Punkin
Lazy is not a word you can use unless it is about a someone other than you.  YOU ROCK!!! and roll on the paint LOL

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