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7/25/2016 10:29:39 AM

It's Here!

I was concerned when the materials load for the shed arrived from Moore Lumber (Ace Hardware).  Despite promises that they would send it in two smaller loads if needed to fit on a small truck… it arrived on one big truck.

Turned out for the best though, since the driver managed to bring the stacks up the driveway on the “donkey loader” and was able to set the stuff down on my pallets.  The stacks had a couple little skids banded under them, but the pallets will keep them from bowing as much.  Though there was a few tense moments with the heaviest stack of OSB.  He had to stop and shift it into a lower gear and do a little rocking-re-start three times to get up the steep driveway.

And as good as all that is, it would be miserable if I had to re-stack everything in the right order.  BUT… the stacks make perfect sense!  Also one section was on top of the framing boards and the driver moved it off into its own stack because it is the trim boards that will go on last.  Even the floor OSB is on top of all the wall OSB since I will need to get to that first, and the treated lumber is all on top of the framing studs and ready to go!  Yay!

The driver also helped me move the two large skids to the trench area, and they are not as heavy as I feared, but having help move them sure saved some time and pain, too.

Gave the driver a small tip and he wasn’t expecting anything, so he seemed very pleased with the little bit.

I covered the insulation and siding stack and still need to go cover the OSB with some plastic, but luckily I have another couple plastic covers available.  Good thing I moved out all the cars from the parking… it made for a nice drop-area and each stack will be easy to get to.

Of course now... the real work starts.  Saw

          8/9/2016 6:53:09 AM - Help Has Arrived!
          7/24/2016 12:19:18 PM - #3 of Building a Shed... the digging.

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7/25/2016 11:38:45 AM Punkin
This is so exciting! I know you are raring to go.
I am so happy that everything got there in good shape and you don't have to rearrange everything before you start your build.
I know hubby is wishing he were there to lend a hand.
Is he ever going to come home?
Have fun as this is a huge project and has many parts and pieces to put together. Much more difficult than a puzzle but the same idea.

7/25/2016 2:20:48 PM TinkerT
Hubby should be home for a little bit at Christmas, but we have no idea how much longer he will be out of country after that.  Initial hopes were that the project would be finished by Christmas.  Well... actually... initial hopes were that the project would be done over six months ago.  Big government projects are like that though.  Who knows if it will even be done by mid-next-year.

7/25/2016 2:21:35 PM Mom
That is so great that it arrived and is stacked all proper.

7/25/2016 2:25:55 PM TinkerT
Definitely nice since I was hoping to get the digging finished and the skids level today.

Am just about completely broken now though and the second skid is still not close to being done.  I am VERY tired of digging and will probably have to continue tomorrow.

7/25/2016 5:03:03 PM Mom
You definitely need to rest some. You have been going at it so hard. And don't feel bad about giving yourself a break.

7/25/2016 5:04:07 PM TinkerT
In the mid-day heat even with spotty clouds I just about gave up getting the second main skid placed.  Too much digging, too sore, too tired.  But two advil, a short break, a lot more clouds, and a cooler breeze later… and I was back at it.

Just finished getting the second skid placed, leveled, squared, and leveled and squared, and leveled and squared, and leveled and squared, and……….  Jeeze, it takes a LOT of adjustments to get that second skid both level AND squared in comparison to the first skid all  at the same time.

Got it done though.  THEN realized that I should have placed the first skid about an inch further away from the wall.  Oh well.  Not going to move it (and the other skid) now.  And it should not be a problem… just not quite as much extra wiggle-room as I had planned.

Done for today now and headed for a soak.

7/25/2016 5:33:05 PM T's Hubby
No idea when I am going to get home... eventually one day... but it allows to go on nice vacations, pay down the principal on the house loan and do stuff like this all in the same year...

While yes I would love to be home... it is nice to be able to do all that stuff too...


Thanks to everyone givin their support and love to T  I appreciate it.

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