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9/4/2015 2:28:45 PM

Poor Darn Drill

I can't be annoyed at the low-mid-grade 1/2 hammer drill from Harbor Freight for dying for two very important reasons: 

First... I expected it to die.  This is the second one that hubby or I killed by mixing concrete with a drill attached spiral-type mixer, and the drill just isn't really meant to do that.  I mean, what $30 drill is?  
And of course, second and even more importantly... this bad boy drill-mixed around 25 bags of concrete and didn't quit on hubby and me through the 8 hour ordeal Tuesday night of pouring our ramp/walkway all the way to 12:30am.

But I am a little annoyed that after I prepared a three-part mold for two bench tops and a patio coffee-table to use up the extra concrete we have sitting around, the drill just stopped without warning about half way through the second bag of concrete.  No... no belching-smoking-sparking-melting-fiery death for this drill.  Unlike the last one, on a slightly too full bucket of mix it just stopped.  So suddenly that I was first sure that a breaker must have blown or something else.


Sadly, I was somewhat relying on the roiling smoke and melting to let me know I was running out of time with the drill.  Instead, the quiet dead-stop left me hand mixing to finish filling even one of the three parts of the mold I prepared.

So this particular concrete project will be on hold probably until next spring if the bags are still work-able and not turned solid.  The cardboard mold will probably be dead by then... but I do have the other half of the box to make another.

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9/5/2015 8:53:15 AM Punkin
Well this is just not right, after all if you can do all this work surly your drill could have waited until you were done to quit.
This is sad :(

9/5/2015 9:58:04 AM TinkerT
Yea… I don’t ask too much, do I?  All I want is written notice two bags of concrete in advance.  LOL 

The good part is that we got the two-year extended warranted so I can kill the poor thing as many times as I need in that time and get a new one each time.

9/8/2017 10:36:38 PM Darkbreeze
I realize this is several years too late, but I just wanted to pipe in with the fact that for ten bucks more, I got one of THESE drills from HF three years ago and have been mixing bags of concrete, mortar and grout with it on a weekly basis ever since. It has not died once. Believe me, if you lose your grip, it WILL break your wrist or something equally undesirable.

What it won't do, unless you happen to get a bad one or something, is die due to not being meant for the task. I've owned a variety of DeWalt and Bosch 1/2" drills and I'd put this up against any of them. I replaced two similar style DeWalt drills that died doing the same things this drill has lasted through for the last three years, after only a few weeks, so while I know HF products are hit and miss, for me, this drill has been reliable.


9/9/2017 8:55:55 AM TinkerT
Darkbreeze, thank you for the info!  I was wondering at the time if the heavier duty drill from them might handle better.  Without know it would handle well though, I could not justify the extra cost.  If I have to replace it again, I will definitely go for the upgrade.

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