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9/25/2015 10:22:26 AM

So I "Painted" the Shed...

I have been terribly torn about the paint I got for the shed.  It was too light, and despite the best efforts of the paint mixing person, the best we could do is a little less too light.  The color is probably still too light for the house, but it looks great on the shed, and I am kinda in love with the color.  

So I painted the shed...


Or maybe I painted the shed...


And while I was at it, I painted the house...

 several times...  

  (click on the pictures to see them larger)

Okay, okay... so I didn't really paint anything.  But hopefully some creative paint-shopping skill will help hubby and I decide which direction to go with paint next spring.

But as usual, I am still torn... I like the green with dark green trim on the shed, but it isn't my favorite on the house.   Thoughts?

          9/21/2015 12:00:11 PM - An Assortment of Projects and Progress

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9/25/2015 12:43:53 PM Punkin
I really love the shed. Colors are wonderful. I will send the color for house I am mostly fond of but doubt anyone else would think so.

9/25/2015 1:55:40 PM TinkerT
That is the style that I like most on the shed, but I am not sure on the full house.

I think the thing that holds me back most about it is the fact that it would be much easier if we kept the trim all white… however, the light color with white trim just doesn’t “pop” like the darker colors…  Though it still isn’t too bad.

But… if, heaven forbid, we ever did have to sell the house, the medium and light greens just aren’t a standard house color, and could put off some buyers.

The neutral brown one is probably my favorite out of the “normal” colors for houses… or maybe even the much darker brown one though it would fade faster than the light colors…

But of course, it is MY house right now, and hopefully will be forever… so I am trying to keep my selection based mostly on what I like.

But… then again, I have green bathrooms and bedrooms and maybe the entryway will be green, too… so it does seem a little odd to have green outside and so much green inside, too.

But… if I had dark green outside, then the light greens inside would not be as much of an issue… or would they?

But……….  you see my problems.  Just too many things to consider.  And… I haven’t even considered some of the grays or olive colors that might be nice, too.

LOL…  Guess I have till spring/summer to decide… and it might just take that long, too.

9/25/2015 2:39:57 PM Adam Steinberg
Ok, this blog entry gave me a good laugh.. As far as the color is concerned my favorites are the first of the dark tans (no.6) and the dark brown with green/umber tones (no.7). As long as you stay away from a brown/tan with reddish tones, such as the last picture, to it you won't have to worry so much about fading. Just my two cents worth...

9/25/2015 3:18:54 PM crash
I don't usually like green, but the sea foam green is kinda pretty. I need to get enough energy to paint the trailer in Globe. But keeping it white, lots cooler in the summer.

9/25/2015 4:21:06 PM TinkerT
Thank you Adam.  Your two cents are worth a dollar to me.  You have always helped me pick the best paint.  #6 and #7 are also my favorites from the brown/tan family.  Very good to know I would not have too much trouble with fading.

9/25/2015 4:22:09 PM Punkin
I am of the mind set that there is never enough green. Dark out with white trim and then various shades of green inside would still go. If in the future you want to sell they can paint it any color they like.

9/25/2015 4:25:52 PM TinkerT
Hi Crash,

Well… the seafoam is really more of a soft-green-sage color, but I think the brighter light it gets in the winter would definitely lend the seafoam type color to it.  Be sure to let it cool down before painting in Globe… that heat is just too much.

9/25/2015 5:30:50 PM Mom
For my two cents, I really like the lighter green and dark green trim for the shed and house also, but that is just me. Or maybe the light green and white trim. What ever you choose will be great.

9/27/2015 9:44:32 AM Jane
If you have already bought the paint, I would say go ahead and do the shed - even this fall if time and energy and weather allow.

You could "live with it" and decide on the color for the house.

It is hard to decide. We will be looking at repainting in a year or two. Decisions, decisions. I like the current blue and would most likely go with something similar - maybe a shade darker but would definitely do something different on the trim

9/27/2015 9:44:52 AM TinkerT
I had just about decided to go ahead and paint the shed now, but I think I have past the point of no return on painting it for now…  I have to seal the joints with some special caulk and it says not to do it if it might freeze in the next 12 to 24 hours.  We are already freezing most nights, so will have to wait until spring/early summer now.

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