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10/31/2015 11:55:40 AM

Happy Halloween!

There are actually very few things about living in the city that I miss.  One is our great neighbors, and the other... is Halloween.  While the trick-or-treaters were often bundled up in snow-suits over their costumes since Halloween is often one of the coldest nights of the year in Denver for some reason, now and then we would have a year warm enough to see all the cute costumes.

And of course, sadly it seems that the majority of costumes are now store-bought with little thought and effort put into them.  However, once in a while the carefully crafted home-made costume made sitting on the porch half the night worthwhile.

Up here the community has a Halloween party, but the kids don't trick or treat.  I know it is a safety concern in part, but I am guessing it is more a matter of laziness.  No offense to today's children, but when I was a young child in Arizona, we dressed up, hopped on the horses and spent several hours ranging the wide spread area in search of houses that might have candy.  Often traveling several miles for a few handfuls of candy before the dark set in.  But maybe we were the exceptions... we did ride in parades, cattle drives, and spent the vast majority of summer on horseback from dawn to dusk, Hamper Hangin Aroundso a few miles for candy wasn't a surprise.

In any case, I won't be seeing any little boos here tonight.  But I did work on cleaning up some of the "Giant Mess"... aka the dining room of doom where I accomplish many projects and crafts, but fail to clean most of the year.  So that was enough scary on Halloween for me.

So Happy Halloween to everyone!  And have a safe and fun time!

Clown  Ninja  Zombie  Ghost  Party  Saw  Devil

And for those of you who miss the cute trick-or-treaters... here is the cutest one for you...

trinity rice

(Pictures:  Pumpkin Louisiana 2007ish, Hamper Georgia 1999, Hamper Georgia 2001, My adorable niece as a bag of rice 2000ish)

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10/31/2015 2:14:32 PM Punkin
Thank you for the wonderful pictures. The bag of rice is perfect.  Is it a cloth bag or plastic? So cute.
Probably won't have any kids stop by as we haven't sense you two moved to the mountains. We always have a bit of treats around for just in case.
Miss you two so much.

10/31/2015 3:35:12 PM TinkerT
I am not sure about the bag… if I remember right it was the kind that is like paper-cloth strong but flexible.  You can't see it too well, but the hat was a manilla envelope cut and then we put a screen over it and sprayed with paint to give it a hatched woven look.

Beats being a bag of dog-food.  I was that a couple different years when I was little.  Bag of rice smells much better.  LOL

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