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4/28/2014 8:07:00 PM

Tool Time

From the Archives:  1/9/2014

Well, I am definitely one of the proud, few girls who asks for power tools for Christmas… and for this Christmas I finally asked to upgrade from randomly failing cheapie cordless drills to nice Ryobi One+ tools.  It is really more than just drills, because the batteries interchange with dozens and dozens of cordless tools.  So it is more of a “System” though I usually scoff at the term being applied to tools. I did a lot of research into what the best drills and tool set would be for me, and while a few choices fit my tiny hands better, the Ryobi One+ was the best combination of power, durability, and reasonable price.  They were still more than I really felt 100% comfortable paying, but the thing that won me over was that they use the same style of battery year after year.  Not only do the batteries fit many tools right now, but they also fit the tools from several years ago, and promise to fit the tools of tomorrow as well.  And since I have never had a drill fail before the battery did and then could never find a battery to fit the drill again, this promise of always replaceable batteries really hit a home run in my book.

I also did a lot of research on the durability and quality of the tools and while several other makers got higher marks, they also cost several small fortunes.

At the same time as accepting the fact that I really need to upgrade my tools, I finally accepted the fact that we will not be getting a garage or a workshop any time in the near (or even moderately distant) future.  While this is sad in many ways, accepting that fact really made me think about my tools and how much of a mess everything is every time I want to do a project or two.  I have frequently spent 4 to 5 times the length of time trying to find my tools in assorted boxes in the spare room, dining room, and shed, than I spend on the project itself!  Then… it is no wonder that I am loath to put anything away since I know I will need the same tools for the next project.  And when I finally put things away, they all get shoved back into yet another box, because nothing has a proper home.

With my new found acceptance, I resolved to outfit a “Mobile Shop”.  With two goals in mind:  One… to have all of my most used tools, hardware, and other supplies, placed into proper tool totes, etc, that would not only be mobile, but also give each item a proper home so that everything could be found (and put away) easily.  Two… to have the least amount of totes, etc, to keep the whole “shop” easy to move to needed work locations around or outside of the house, but also able to put away into a corner of the spare room or wherever, so there would not be boxes and such spread all over the house.  Not too much to ask, right? Silly

So on the Turkey Day sales, we ordered a nice Ryobi Drill and a nice Drill-and-Circular-Saw set.

Then I found a Ryobi One+ Shop Vac on craigslist. (They don’t even make those any more!) and Hubby found an open-box finish sander for a discount price at the Home Depot. So we picked those up for cheap… and the beginning of my Ryobi One+ set started.

Even better, my brother-in-law drew my name for our family “Secret Santa”… Have I mentioned he is absolutely great? He got me the Jig Saw for my set! My favorite and most used tool besides the drills!

While not cordless, I found this table saw for only $30 on craigslist and it is lighter and in much better condition than my old rusty table saw in the tarp covered "barn". It also has more power even though it is lighter.

Batteries and Charger... The lithium batteries are more expensive than the NiCad, but they are also lighter, more powerful, and should last longer.  Having a couple spare means having more tools running and/or a lot more run time when one runs out.  Ryobi also makes several sizes, so you have light weight small ones and extra long running large ones, and the bigger ones also give an additional boost to the tools.

So I was getting a little collection, but had many more tools on my wish list for the Ryobi One+, and then I spotted the motherload on craigslist.  Okay... so it was hard to miss when I was scouring craigslist ten times a day. Winking For less than the price of the miter saw, a whole kit of tools including the miter saw and a really cool rolling carry case! So I had Hubby take back the as-yet-unused Drill-and-Circular-Saw set and we got the kit of tools that included the Miter Saw, Saws-all, Rotary Cutter, Drill, Flash Light, Circular Saw, and a charger and a couple of older NiCad batteries. Also got the seller to throw in a little hand-vac as well! (Most of the pictures here are from the seller’s listing.)


While there are a lot of other tools in the Ryobi One+ line, there is now only one or two that I really would like to get (did anyone say chainsaw?), and my main “Mobile Shop” will be fully out-fitted.

Additionally, Home Depot always puts a lot of Christmas goodies on super sale after the new year, and we got some totes and a nice main open tool tote to hold many items in their own little pockets. It will take quite a while to find and sort out all our assorted tools and supplies, but now most of the most used things will have their own home in my “Mobile Shop”.

The Open Tool Tote will hold my most used items.  
Two Drills, The Jig Saw, and small items in the side pockets. 

I added cardboard dividers to keep my Jig Saw and Drills safely contained since they are my most used tools.

          5/2/2014 2:36:42 PM - Tool Rig
          5/29/2014 9:19:02 PM - Tool Review: Ryobi One+ Overview

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