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5/31/2016 12:40:36 PM

Old cars and old cats.

Well… in a world of complete uncertainty...  You can count on two things:

#1     A very old Subaru will need some work because of over-heating issues and thus may end up sitting in your yard for years at a time.


#2     It will still start up on the first try after sitting completely untouched for two years, and run despite having 4-5 year old gas in the tank. (Of course, that is after you put in a good battery.)

Yep… the Brat battery is dead as a doornail, but after swapping the Justy battery into it, the Brat fires right up on the first try.  I would not be bothering with it right now, but on my way home from my sister’s I noticed a note on the mailboxes...  This coming weekend is going to be our community clean-up and they only charge $5 for a truck-load of junk instead of the $70-ish that the dump would charge, AND the dumpsters will be placed right near the mailboxes so it is only about a half-mile to drive to drop off the junk, so hopefully the Brat won’t over-heat too bad in that short distance.

I have probably 4 to 5 full-size truck loads that need to be taken from outside and inside the house of stuff that is too big to fit into the regular trash, but won’t be able to get to all that.  Hopefully though I will be able to get a load or two done from the shed and around the yard.

Wish hubby was home to help me go through a dozen boxes of computer stuff and haul away a lot more of everything else, too, but that is just how things go.

On a sad and worrying note, Hamper is not doing well and I think he may have had another stroke while I was down at my sister's house this weekend.  He will drink some water and wobbles from his bed the couple feet to his litter box, but unlike the first stroke a couple years ago where he recovered quickly by eating and drinking right away, he is refusing to eat.  

He turns 20 years old this month, and I know that is very old for a cat, but I was taken by surprise because he had been improving and even climbing up the ramp to the bed every night and gaining back some weight and muscle recently.  

I am spending as much time as I can with him and will keep offering every possible food he might be interested in eating, but I fear there is not much hope for recovery at this point.

          5/31/2016 10:01:57 PM - He will be missed.
          1/14/2015 4:35:16 PM - Old and Grumpy... I mean the Cat.

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