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5/21/2016 5:21:20 PM

Spring Cleaning Update and a Quick Drawer

Incredibly annoyed… After having hunted for the herd of SD cards for the cameras for almost a year now, vigorously before both the Colombia trip and the Thailand-China trip, I was re-connecting a computer drive (which requires unpacking the computer’s filtered cabinet and everything on top of it)… and viola!

Yea… in a medium sized, plain white box… there were all the cards.  Enough cards to completely cover both trips… which I ended up having to purchase almost $100 worth of cards to replace instead.

Um… wooo?  I am very glad I found them, but kinda miffed that they were right there the whole time and I should have remembered that is where I put them.  In any case the plain white box now sports giant lettering “SD Cards & Camera” and hopefully I won’t manage to loose the whole box now.

Probably time to build the sliding drawer that I was supposed to install in that area back when I built the desk (about seven years ago).  Then I can loose even more stuff there.  Sure sounds more fun than spring cleaning, so I got busy...

The on-clearance-so-why-not-buy-a-lot drawer slides that I fit the depth of the cabinet for are pretty nice because they form the sides of the drawer and give an automatic square to the sides without a lot of trouble.  So all I needed was a face, bottom, and back... all do-able with random pieces of wood around the house.


And one note about installing drawers in an existing cabinet... it will never fit perfect on the first try.  Adjusting for a slightly narrow drawer is ALWAYS easier than trying to sand or cut down a too large drawer.  I knew this and left the screws loose on the top of the drawer where the rail goes to adjust the width there a little.  But if that just isn't quite enough to keep the rollers steady in their tracks, remember that you can adjust the rails as well by loosening the screws and wedging a folded sheet of paper behind the rail before re-tightening the screw.  After a few adjustments and figuring out how to compensate for my slightly crooked cabinet, it makes a great fit and can hold all my assorted camera stuff... including those pesky SD cards.  Of course that assumes that I remember that I put them all there.


After a random drawer building, I have continued to work on the office spring cleaning, and I guess it is a case of "getting worse before it can get better".  I cleaned off hubby's desk and had to flip over two shelves that were bowing from too many layers of books being stacked on them, and cleaned out under the desk which seems to have collected all the spare luggage, computer cases, repair tools, and travel stuff from hubby's years and years of traveling around the country for work.  In other words, the desk has acted more of a junk storage than it's couple weeks use as a desk.

Before and in progress:


Unfortunately, dusted and clean books still take up more space than there is available, so they are all now stacked beside the piano.  So sadly, the "better" part is still waiting here.  I could do dozens of more useful things with the area taken up by his desk and junk… but too many equally good ideas and nothing stands out as a much better idea than the others.  I simply can’t decide on what would be the best use of the space.  

The first idea is to rip out the desk and re-do it all into enclosed book shelves.  Which would look nice, but not really make good use of the space.  The second idea is to change it all to a couple big fish-tanks… pretty, but again not great use.

What I would really like to do is move it all out and put my hand-tools and workbench there… but the sawdust would probably be really bad for the computer and piano… same with a sewing/craft table.

If we had company more… which we don’t… but if we did… I would change it into shelves above and a couch or small pull-out bed below.  But we don’t have company often and don’t need that.

So it may end up just staying a desk for now until inspiration hits.  Basically it is the same problem I am constantly having with the outside of the house.  I really would like a little wood-working shop, but the best places to put it from the inside of the house are impossible places to have it from the outside of the house.  And the best places to have it from the outside of the house would be a lot of trouble getting to from the inside of the house.  I don’t know why we haven’t invented pocket-dimensions yet…. That would solve everything!

          6/4/2016 6:09:57 PM - Full Force Spring Cleaning... or exactly how did I move that by myself?
          5/13/2016 4:05:12 PM - Not great... but better.

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5/21/2016 8:45:50 PM Punkin
I could just see me building a cabinet with or without drawers and building the drawers for the cabinet.
I had a loose nail at the foot of my bed and I can't figure out to keep it from working its self out  from to time.
You certainly shine!

5/24/2016 12:30:43 PM TinkerT
LOL!!!  There are just too many jokes that pop to mind about that.

On a serious side, if it is a small silver-headed nail, it may very well just be a decorative thing.  First try pulling it out and see if anything is loose after that.  If it is, then putting in a very slightly bigger nail may keep things tight… or if you can find one of those bumpy or twisty nails that is the right size, that should do it.  But be very careful that the nail is not much bigger around or it could split the wood.

If nothing is loose after pulling it, you may just want to leave it out.

I have a couple nails like that on the trim board of my sliding laundry hampers.  I have added some brackets, so they are not really needed other than to fill the holes, so I will probably eventually pull them all out and cut them to about ½ inch and then glue them back in to keep the decorative looking nice.

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