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6/23/2014 2:07:01 PM

Some Little Things

The week before this last, I have been working on a lot of little things, and accomplishing very few.

So this week and weekend, I pushed ahead with several items, got a few done, and thought an update might be in order.  For one thing, it will make me feel like I haven't totally been a lazy bum for taking more than an average share of naps, but also it may inspire me to keep going and get some more progress on things not finished.

In no particular order, here is a list of things I have been working on in the last couple weeks:

I made a pair (or three) of pajama pants for hubby:

I laid out the brick edging for the bushes... later I will cut them half into the ground, but for now, it gives me time to nudge them into a nice curve.

Installed seat covers that I previously made for my car and gave "Roobie" a quick cleaning.

Hubby and I pulled up bricks where the grill paddy and divider fence will go.  And then we dug post holes and moved the existing concrete paddy up to the area.
We could barely lift it with moving straps, but could not get it out of it's location, so hubby had to break it in half and we had to move each piece by tipping and "walking" them up to the new location.  Once we have the divider fence/wall in place, we will level the dirt and move them close to the wall... then pour some concrete to fill in the gap in the middle.

I separated and planted a small herd of tiny plants as well as gathered some of the tiny succulents that grow native here.

Hubby and I created test steps to help us determine what style we want to use on the full walk / ramp we will pour later.  ( I will post more on this later. )

I made a couple gnome / fairy doors.  ( I will post more on this later. )
 Gnome Door 

I made a lid to finish off a pot I got a while ago to hold dryer lint for fire-starter.  ( I will post more on this later. )

I also cleared out some plants above the fish tanks that kept getting aphids, and also cleared out dead leaves in the plants above the kitchen cabinets.

And I got done a some of the house-work I had been neglecting, went to a little street fair in Bailey, ate two turkey legs, took two naps, and made a little more progress on the test steps so that we can pour 4 more types this coming week and hopefully make a decision on what we will be doing for the walk / ramp soon.

And until I just listed all that, I kind-of felt like I was not getting anything done.  Hummmm... maybe another little nap is in order.

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6/23/2014 4:03:07 PM Punkin
Maybe you should have titled this blog Some Very Big Little Things!!Glad you did some fun things too!! (Like a nap or two)

6/24/2014 11:13:04 AM TinkerT
LOL... compared to the over 50 things on my To-Do list, like "Mix and pour 1600 lbs of concrete for the walk-ramp" or "Paint the entire outside of the house" these things really are "little".

I will probably need a few more naps before tackling those.

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