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10/29/2014 10:13:57 AM

Beginning the Week... Now I'm Done, right?

Monday... I started off a little slow... mostly by breaking the rod for the guest bath toilet handle while I was trying to bend it to fit around the new fill valve/tower I would be installing later, 

rigging a temporary handle out of a piece of wire, ( Hey... it worked, okay? )

patching part of the wall I had cut for the shutoff valve, 

and finishing up some paintings that I started last week to cover the valve hole.

My last attempt at painting to match the spectacular paintings that I purchased at a Killie Club auction was somewhat difficult due to not being able to find a paintbrush at the time.  So I cut some of my hair and taped it to a stick.  Grin

This time I had some cheap artist's brushes... however, I am not sure the brushes improved my painting abilities much.  Wink
The picture frames I had used a thin board for the backing, so I pulled off the frame stand and used the backing as my canvas.  A couple coats of flat black enamel, and the next day I was ready to paint.
Going with the "one-stroke" style, I added multiple colors to my brush at a time and attempted with varying degrees of success to make stems and leaves of aquatic plants with one stroke of the brush.
Of course, I ended up needing to go back over my "one-stroke" with a few more strokes to get highlights and darkness better, but I think they turned out acceptable if you stand back and squint a little. 
And besides... who is going to be looking at these plant pictures when there are spectacular fish paintings that one of our club members did right next to them...

Tuesday however was an all day extravaganza of getting things done...

Starting with doing some dishes,

then manufacturing a new rod for the guest bath toilet handle out of a piece of aluminum rod that I was using to hang a bird feeder from,
The rod needed to be thinner, so I had to use my belt sander to reduce the diameter over several inches... then some creative bending to make the handle flush in the direction I wanted.

replacing the fill valve/tower in the toilet because the old sprayer no longer filled the bowl to a proper level after flushing,  (tip: use a sponge to soak up and remove the last bit of water that doesn't flush out)

filling cracks around the outside of the house with expanding pest-block foam and filling in above the shutoff valve to insulate the lower water-filled pipe from the colder air in the upper wall cavity,  (I used some tin foil to keep the foam pushed up above the valve lever)  And then covering the opening with one of the pictures I had painted,

then spread fertilizer around the lawn, bushes, and aspen trees,

then watered the lawn and bushes while using my handy-dandy-child-sized-battery-powered-itty-bitty Ryobi chainsaw to cut a lot of limbs and a few tiny and small-almost-medium trees...

I started with a tiny dead one to get used to the chainsaw,

Then a tiny live tree,

But soon, I was on to the 15+ foot tree that was blocking too much light in the aspen area.

then I cracked and cut some terra-cotta pots for fish caves,

And took a long.... hot... bath.  Of course, then I started to drain the bath and the universe said "I don't care how much you worked today, I can still kick you in the teeth." and the toilet started to ka-bloop.

So I plugged the bath back up and rushed to the utility room because when this type of thing happens, usually the drain in the utility room starts spewing bath water all over and there is a clog at the septic tank baffle where the waste comes in or the tank needs to be pumped.  But.... no water.  So while this a happy thing not to have to bleach half the utility room again, it is not as easily of an identifiable and therefore fixable problem.

The water slowly drained from the tub and toilet and never did flood the utility room, so my best hope is that some temporary clog was blocking the pipes nearer to the bathroom than the join of the utility room pipe and will break down and go away soon.  And in fact, the toilet is flushing fine today.  But I will definitely be on guard for the universes shoe to come flying at my face any minute.

For today's list of "ToDo"...... 

     clean cat box... 
     take nap.

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10/29/2014 3:47:52 PM Punkin
I had come to the computer to send you an email to see if you and Chris still wanted to come play in the garden and then I saw your newest post.
This one, where you have worked so hard and gotten so much done.
WOW! I am ashamed to say I would have had to call a plumber to do all the plumbing that you did by yourself.
I knew that any day now we would hear about using the chain saw and taking out some mighty trees so not surprised that you are an expert at that now too.
Your newest pictures are so beautiful and your fish caves are darling. Your yellow fishies look delighted to have a hiding place.
All I have managed to get done is rake and bag 4 -45 gallon yard bags full of leaves. Somehow that seems so puny after reading all of your accomplishments.
So I can guess that you have way too much to do and would understand completely if you change your mind about the garden.

10/29/2014 5:50:08 PM TinkerT
All the little things add up, but doing raking is so back breaking that I think we are probably tied.

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