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9/3/2014 1:02:35 PM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

Labor Day Weekend... is for Labor... Right?
I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  For us, the great canning and jamming extravaganza has continued.  I would like to blame it on people for sharing great fruit and veggies with us, but we should all know by now that when I get on a roll, it is just nearly impossible to stop me.
First on Thursday... I was scanning the grocery store ads and ran across a great sale on Honeydew melon.  And I thought... BEST JAM EVER!  I mean, honeydew.  Honey-dew.  Yes!  I... ...
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Oh-Deer... and other reasons we don't have fancy new cars.
There are several reasons that we don't drive nice new cars.  The first is, of course, the fact that for a good portion of the year there is a lot of snow and ice that will, if you drive enough, eventually slide you into or onto something that damages your car.  And for the rest of the year... an overly-large population of suicidal Mule Deer and Elk, that are just laying in wait to bodily challenge the structural integrity of your vehicle.  (And that is to say nothing about the price-tag of a new car.)
For ...

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Something Winter This Way Comes
That's right... put away your swim-trunks and grab those sweat-pants.  Despite the rest of the world still thinking it is August (the hottest month of the year), at least for a few more days, we here in Bailey Colorado have evidently jumped right into the edge of winter.  September... what's that?
Depending on which weather service you check, they are predicting anywhere from bu-freaking-uuur at night all the way down to freezing.  Of course they could be wrong and it could stay considerably ...

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Jam Updated... and More Recipes
Here are the updates for the Jam Jamboree.  (Recipes have also been updated and you can find full jam-making directions on this post.)
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How To Jam It Up... Full and Low Sugar Style and High Altitude Jam
This post will explain how to make jams and marmalades using Ball Low Sugar pectin including the the following recipes... most of which I made up.  This method can also be used for canning many other types of jams, and also includes notes for high-altitude jam and the adjustments that are needed due to altitude.Plum Delicious Preserves  (Ball Standard Recipe adjusted for tart plums)Strawberry Coconut Jam  (Recipe Made Up by TinkerT)Low Sugar - Coconut Cherry Crunch ...

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Jamming Jamboree
Last week a friend of ours gave us a bag of plums from the tree that I had planted between our yards back when we lived in Aurora.  And while many were ready or close to ready to eat, quite a few were still tart since the fruit has to be picked before full ripeness or the squirrels will get it all.  So what else would you do with a full bag of tart fruit?  Make Jam!
Trouble is, the last time I was jamming was back when I was in high school and rode a dinosaur to get around.  Well okay... maybe it ...

8/18/2014 2:06:05 PM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

Grill / Privacy Wall
This has been the year of landscaping around our house, and one of the few projects that I wanted to get done was a privacy divider between the front door and the rest of the patio and sliding glass doors.  Not only because the lack of a divider encourages just anyone to head towards the patio instead of stopping at the front door, but also because there is no telling what state of undress I might be in behind those glass doors.  Considering that my height of "dressed" around the house is a tank-top and pajama pants, this ...

8/15/2014 3:20:53 PM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

Time to Clean Up the Dining Room
Well I was about to finish up a couple projects and write a couple posts about them, but somewhere between heading to the kitchen for some cereal and spending the rest of the day watching TV and taking pain killers, I broke my toe.  You know the one… that little pinky toe that jumps half way off my foot in a kamikaze attempt to destroy whatever is on the dining room floor that shouldn't be.  
In this case, half of my tools and one large case of nuts, bolts, and screws that evidently weighs the ...
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Summer Sunday Fun
While summer fun can often seem expensive, even the smallest outing can seem out of reach when budgets are tight.  When that is the case, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for half-off deals or even better... make use of certificates you might already have.  We had a mini-golf certificate that we got from "Get MY Perks" a while ago...  $10 All-Day Pass for two people.  And even better, the location was right at the base of the hill.  ( Or for those of you not living in ...

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Repair and Replace a Badly Installed Door Knob
Over time, doorways can change from humidity, age, weight on hinges, and paint build up, and if a door barely closed before, it can become impossible later.  However, sometimes it isn't so much a problem with the door, hinges, or frame, and more of a problem with poorly installed door handles and hardware.  For example, our bathroom door knob that a three-year-old could probably have installed better...
First, not a single screw had been put in with a pilot hole, so each one was far off and ...

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Oh Deer!
Hey!  What are you doing?
Eating your "Deer Resistant" sedum plants... Why?

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Getting Spicy In Style
After the rough Saturday we had, we decided that when we found the label sheets I ordered in the mail on Sunday morning, that it was just the better part of valor to hole up in the house and re-do our spice labels.
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8/4/2014 3:53:35 PM - 4 Comments - Read Full Post

Fending Off Rodent Invasion:  Dryer Vent Cover
After a wild chipmunk climbed into the dryer vent and took a leap down the pipe, I decided it was past time to replace the vent cover.  Of course, I had one on hand because I noticed the flap inside didn't close properly back when we were doing some repair work on the roof trim that the roofers screwed up, but I just had not gotten around to getting the replacement done.  It is something like number 39 on my list of things todo, so it isn't all that surprising that I didn't think it was an emergency. ...

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Saturday... A Study in Disaster Mitigation
Owning a home can sometimes feel like one really long todo list, but now and then it really decides to show you just how easy that todo list really is when nothing goes wrong.  Saturday was pretty much the opposite of that.  It started out well... I woke up and the sun was shining through perfectly clear skies for the first time in several weeks.  And I guess we should have just left it at that and gone back to sleep.  But of course, there are always things that need done and my growing list of house projects and standard ...

7/29/2014 3:30:15 PM - 3 Comments - Read Full Post

How to Make Your Own Cooling Bands
My recent trip to Topeka, Kansas was a long one with no air-conditioning, but having some cooling bands really made the difference and I had a fun time with my niece on her driving trip to visit my parents.  I wrote a post about Road Trip Tips with some additional information about types of cooling bands, but since I have a hard time finding cooling bands when I need them, I thought I would also write up a ...
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7/29/2014 3:03:05 PM - 3 Comments - Read Full Post

Road Trip Tips
Last week I took a semi-last-minute trip to Topeka with my niece to visit my parents.  And while a toss-it-in-and-go kind of trip was the standard when I was young, as I have gotten older I have realized a few things about long car trips.  For example, the fact that road trips just are not as much fun as I thought when I was a kid, and for some reason everything in the world isn't really six hours away.  And sadly, my stomach is no longer made of iron and capable of downing large quantities of greasy fast food at random. ...

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Weekend Wrap-up and Hot-Water Maintenance
This weekend didn't get done many of the things I had hoped, but it was full of friends, fun, a few home tasks, and a little bit of rest and relaxation.  So I count it as a win.  

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Concrete: Step by Step
The first step to turning this...........                                             Into This..............

Thanks Ryobi7/8/2014 1:49:11 PM - 1 Comments - Read Full Post

A Thanks To Ryobi
Hubby liked my Tool Review: Ryobi One+ Overview so much that he submitted it to Ryobi.

7/4/2014 11:50:07 AM - 3 Comments - Read Full Post

Gotta Vent and Prepare for Battle
The hills are alive infested with the sounds of music city folk.

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