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Because of this, new posts are currently missing and I can only HOPE they eventually recover the table they didn't restore after their latest failure.

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8/28/2018 5:20:00 PM - Read Full Post

And Finally... that BIG NEWS! 
So I have been slowly adding to this post for over a month while we wait.  Wait for banks, and sellers, and HOA's, and paperwork, and inspections, and more paperwork, and sellers... and more paperwork.  And finally the signing happened this morning at 10am, August 28th 2018.

7/31/2018 3:55:17 PM - 6 Comments - Read Full Post

Patio finally re-bricked.
So sometimes it feels like the only thing I have been doing for the last six months is pound bricks and dig in my driveway to prevent the heavy rains from destroying it.

7/20/2018 11:29:53 AM - 4 Comments - Read Full Post

A Very Big Visitor
We had a very big visitor early this morning just before sun rise...

6/30/2018 10:19:29 AM - 1 Comments - Read Full Post

Pet Pride Challenge!
🐶  🐩  🐺  🐰   🐱  🐺  🐯  🐶

6/12/2018 7:20:00 PM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

Just more Mowzer walking around.
At a about 4 1/2 months old, I wish I could say Mowzer walks this great all the time, but I have to admit these are some good walking highlights over the last week.  I am very impressed that he is doing this well in the city though, since he has only been there a few times.

6/4/2018 8:44:58 PM - 4 Comments - Read Full Post

Custom Cat Carrier
After 4 days of planning, calculating, and sewing... I am finally done with my custom cat carrier.  Based on the strictest airline regulations, it will fit right within the requirements of 18x14x8, and even has a storage area for Mowzer's stuff.

5/23/2018 3:10:26 PM - 3 Comments - Read Full Post

Patio Water Feature
Mostly done with my little "water feature" for the patio. Little solar powered fountain with a broken fish decoration and some rocks I gathered from the yard and smashed with a hammer. 

5/11/2018 11:28:37 AM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

A Planty Painty Project
Around the time that we added a herd of cabinets to the hallway, the area over the kitchen cabinets got some pothos plants and some semi-ordered bamboo sticks to support the vines.  

Mowzer Cape5/8/2018 6:02:11 PM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

Super-Hero Cat?
Um… yeah… of all the strange things…  While he may not leap tall buildings or save people, Mowzer is sure looking like he could.

4/25/2018 5:04:37 PM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

A Great Walk
Mowzer and I have struggled with my training him to walk with me.  We have had plenty of good walks and plenty of bad walks... and a whole lot of little-of-both walks.  And sometimes Mowzer juts out his tiny little chin at me and proclaims "You can drag me, but you can't make me walk." 
Between that and a serious ton of random things distracting my little guy, most of our walks are very stop-and-go at the best of times.
This walk however... I think we ...

Mowzer in Harness3/22/2018 10:38:00 AM - 3 Comments - Read Full Post

Walking a Cat
While thinking about getting another pet, hopefully to be friends and get Ten moving around a bit, as well as getting me moving around a bit... I did a lot of contemplation on whether it is easier to train a cat to be a dog.... or a dog to be a cat.

Mowzer3/16/2018 9:36:41 AM - 3 Comments - Read Full Post

The newest member of the family...
I named him "Mowzer". Picture of him in the double-kitty-heating-bed......  Cause my babies are not spoiled at all.

12/5/2017 4:12:25 PM - 1 Comments - Read Full Post

My big purchase and big dilemma... a Vacuum.
Well… For this Black Friday sales season, the big purchase was a fancy new vacuum to replace my older vac that I have had to glue pieces together on a few times and finally can’t find all the pieces to glue back anymore.  Was totally my fault for trying to use tools on the hose that didn’t quite fit fully… but in any case, time for a new vac.
After months, and indeed, almost two years of keeping an eye on vacuum prices and features, I decided that this would be a serious investment and I would go for the ...
ideas   tools  

9/11/2017 12:49:28 PM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

NOT feeling strong.
This time last year I was finishing up building a shed/workshop, which included a whole lot of things that I couldn't actually do without creative physics on my side.  However, there was quite a bit that was just total brute force.  Like digging this rock-filled gravel/dirt out of the foundation area.

And at the end of all that... I was worn down to a frazzle, but I remember feeling strong.

8/22/2017 9:17:25 AM - 1 Comments - Read Full Post

A Perfectly Cloudy Eclipse
I totally take back my disgruntlement with the clouds coming in during the eclipse!

8/17/2017 4:25:11 PM - 7 Comments - Read Full Post

Replace a damaged trim section, and Painting the House is "Done".
To save my sanity I finally had to separate the projects of "painting the house" and "fixing-scraping-sanding-painting the fascia (roof edge) boards", as well as the doors, and a few bottom boards that can't be done until the patio is pulled up, etc....

7/18/2017 1:27:51 PM - Read Full Post

Exterior paint and a few tips...
I am going to officially call the front of the house... Done.  I know, there are a couple spots like the last board where the patio bricks are, under the porch lights I want to replace, and the edge that needs trim replaced from a satellite dish, but I am not counting those specialty spots that need other work done first.  And besides... I just need to be able to call some part of this "Done".
Here it ...

6/24/2017 2:36:44 PM - 4 Comments - Read Full Post

Paint Progress
While my foldy-collapsy-flippy-scaffoldy ladder is great for versatility, it is nearly as heavy at the huge 28ft slide ladder... and the steps are twice as sharp and painful to stand on for very long.  My great work shoes from Colombia flex enough to easily grip the rungs, but are more resiliently padded than any other shoes I have.  Still, I am almost looking forward to being up on the super tall ladder with flatter steps instead.
And with some progress over the last week or two, I will soon be up there again. ...

6/9/2017 11:54:17 AM - 8 Comments - Read Full Post

From this....

To this....


6/5/2017 7:44:34 PM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

How to Write an Instant Pot "Smart" Script for the Bluetooth pot
While looking around for Instant Pot "Smart" Scripts, I realized that the only tutorial I could find for writing your own was dreadfully out of date.  So I got busy and created an updated tutorial.

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