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Getting Ready for a Busy Two Weeks
Hubby is back from international traveling for work, but he will only be home for about two weeks before heading back out for the rest of the year.  I may be able to go visit him, but that is pretty much all up in the air.

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Reef Tank Progress
A video of the saltwater reef tank after adding some new bulbs.

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Inside-out Pierogis
So I started a big long post about all the little inconsequential things I have been up to for about the last month, and realized.  Uggg.  Yea, sometimes even I get tired of writing down the silly little things.  If you care, you can read a summary at the end of this post.

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One Little Thing - A Challenge
Some people say "It's the Little Things", but mostly, it isn't.  It is the BIG things that knock you down or lift you up.  Like a heavy weight boxer with a mean right hook.  But that isn't the whole story.  For bad or good, what gets you to the point where one big hit will send you over the top... you guessed it... IS the "Little Things".
Little things that make you happy or sad, or even just grind away at your time a few minutes a day.  Nothing really... really ...

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Tank Trauma and Urchin Update...
And why you should always have access to enough salt water for a full water change on your salty tank.

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Trouble Tray
It is hard to believe, but one of my nieces is heading off to college in the fall.  Seems like just yesterday she was poking a dead lizard with a stick and saying "He was a gooood lizard.  I Looooved that lizard." despite the fact that she never met said lizard before.  How incredibly fast they grow up... but I will always kindof see here like this:
Incredibly adorable, right?
But she is grown up now and off she will go to a land far away. ...
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Finally Time For Fish
After new lights, new filtering, and quite a few months of clean-up, my salty reef tank got corals and finally now... time for fish.

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My Little Electric Mower
With hubby working long hours and suffering from terrible hay fever, the mowing usually falls to me.  Back in Georgia, mowing was an almost weekly act of heroism, and I had a special shirt with pockets in the cloth to put ice packs like body armor just to survive the stifling heat of summer.  My father's lawnmower... affectionately named "Baby Bush-hog" could chew through grass, brush, and small trees with equal enthusiasm.  That is... if you could get it started.
Finally the ...

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The damage a single bolt can do.
Hubby and I went to lunch in town yesterday to use up another Groupon that would expire while he is traveling and had some great food at a Peruvian restaurant.

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Ryobi One+ String Trimmer
Into everyone's life a little rain must fall, but here in the Bailey area we have been getting great rain and thunder storms almost every day, and sometimes twice a day.  I feel a little funny saying "usually" when I have only lived here for 5 years, but at least during those years, we had the occasional snow into May, but when the snow stopped, more often than not, so did all moisture up here.  Ushering in a drought that would burn the bushes, stunt the grass, and turn the newly wild-flower filled ...

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Roof Gutter... Finally.
While I like the do-it-yourself life, sometimes it just is beyond reasonable to do something on your own that will cost as much or more to get the supplies as having a pro do the installation.  It was definitely this way with the gutter for the back of the house.  While the roofers were originally supposed to install a new gutter when they replaced the roof, they took the money and never came back, and we have been left without a gutter for way too long.  And a 73ft metal gutter rated for our large single-slope roof is just ...

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Saltwater Aquarium Cleanup
While I would love to say I have accomplished a lot in the few weeks since I posted last, it wouldn't be true.  In fact, my major accomplishment was getting the gutter installation for our roof scheduled for next week and sealing the top edging of the roof with expanding waterproof foam with hubby's help.  But I have not been completely lazy.  Slowly but surely I have been grinding away (sometimes literally) at the algae mess that was our saltwater aquarium. 
Work has been long and ...
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Snowy May Sunday
Happy Mother's Day from the mountains!  
We have melted off a lot here already today, but there is still a bit of snow out.

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New Addition to the Car Family
Hubby and I have been in a dilemma about cars… It seems silly that we need a minimum of three, but with hubby driving as much as he does, it is an all-too-common event that one will be broken in some way before the next is fixed, and when that happens I am left without transportation.  Not that I want to go anywhere when I have a car, but when I don’t… I suddenly get the urge to go to town for no apparent reason.  And while I sometimes get hives from the mere thought of going to town alone, when I don't have the option it ...

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Three Plumbing Projects
In the past, plumbing projects were usually limited to fixing the guts of a toilet or the leaky drain of a sink.  Things involving easily accessed PVC or threaded fittings.  As soon as it got to metal pipes, the home-owner either had to learn to "sweat" pipes with solder and a torch, or call a plumber.  Now, with push-fittings, home-owners everywhere can take back the repairs to copper pipes, and maybe get a little creative, too.
Of course, one thing to note is that you should make sure your pipes have ...

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Playing in the Snow
Yesterday it snowed and about 6 inches stuck, then it snowed more over night and into the morning before turning into beautiful blue skies.  And for the first time all year the snow was sticky. Mountain living is so sweet in the spring. 

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Challenging but not Impossible.
While in the hospital, my dad was a little annoyed at how often they would ask him to stand on one leg.  "What would I be doing balancing on one leg?"

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A Sudden Trip to Kansas
In case you were wondering why I haven't posted in a while...

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Aquarium Cleanup and DIY Powered Algae Scrubber
We are trying to get our salt-water tank back into shape, so we got new lights, scrubbed the algae and vacuumed out everything, and did a 90% water change the weekend before this last.  
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2/16/2015 3:03:01 PM - 1 Comments - Read Full Post

Sweet Tooth Pizzas for Valentines Day
Valentines Saturday was another pizza-making day.  It started with getting my dough a little too wet and sticky by adding about one tablespoon too much water while the dough was processing in the bread maker, but it only takes a little more work to get it back to perfect... 

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