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NOT feeling strong.
This time last year I was finishing up building a shed/workshop, which included a whole lot of things that I couldn't actually do without creative physics on my side.  However, there was quite a bit that was just total brute force.  Like digging this rock-filled gravel/dirt out of the foundation area.

And at the end of all that... I was worn down to a frazzle, but I remember feeling strong.

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How to Write an Instant Pot "Smart" Script for the Bluetooth pot
While looking around for Instant Pot "Smart" Scripts, I realized that the only tutorial I could find for writing your own was dreadfully out of date.  So I got busy and created an updated tutorial.

Instant Pot Smart6/5/2017 2:21:06 PM - 4 Comments - Read Full Post

Instant Pot "Smart" Bluetooth Scripts
These are recipe scripts specifically for the Instant Pot "Smart" Bluetooth model.  Click on the links to download them to your app.  I will add new scripts to this list when I have time to make and test them.  Check back often for updates. ...

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Winter Update and Cooking
I haven't posted in quite a while... mostly because I have been hunkered down and doing nothing but keeping the fires burning (literally) and eating and cooking.... and I don't consider cooking to usually be something to post about.  With odd exceptions, like homemade pizza and a ...

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Under Pressure
While the icy cold weather has seen me mostly soaking up the sun in the loft or stealing the cat's place in front of the fire, I also had a great Thanksgiving at my sister's house and had a few days with my husband home.  Included was a little online shopping (or a lot) and doing just a couple house repairs that needed hubby around in case I got stuck in a tiny hole in the ceiling above the master bathtub.  (Yeah... that is another story.)
In any case, since we decided that an induction stove/oven is ...

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Inside-out Pierogis
So I started a big long post about all the little inconsequential things I have been up to for about the last month, and realized.  Uggg.  Yea, sometimes even I get tired of writing down the silly little things.  If you care, you can read a summary at the end of this post.

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Sweet Tooth Pizzas for Valentines Day
Valentines Saturday was another pizza-making day.  It started with getting my dough a little too wet and sticky by adding about one tablespoon too much water while the dough was processing in the bread maker, but it only takes a little more work to get it back to perfect... 

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The Excessively Complete Guide to Homemade Pizza For Beginners
This post is a basic guide to homemade pizza and includes detailed instructional videos for beginners, a review of different baking methods, and quite a lot of tips for getting the perfect home pizza.  While there are plenty of instructionals for pizza on the net, all I could find was "the right way to do it" by people who have obviously made a few thousand pizzas.  So I decided that it might be helpful to give an instructional to beginners by a beginner who has made just enough pizzas to have a good idea ...

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The Five Stages of Grief... Over Pizza Dough
Over the last few months hubby has made pizza dough several times.  The pizza was so delicious that I decided we should make pizza every weekend... or more.  It even had me planning double-double batches so that we could have pizza for lunch all week, too.  Yes... it really was that good and I even ordered pizza "screens" to make baking the pizza easier.
But why ...

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What Craft Fair?
Sadly the question most asked of us on Saturday at the "Deck The Mall" event was "What's this for?  Is there some kind of event going on?"  Evidently the advertising for the event was more than lacking, and a search of online came up with almost no listings and those that were still listed the event being on the 15th.
So while we were excited to have good weather despite fighting some wind in the early morning and evening, and a good spot on a corner, sales were definitely less than ...

Deck The Mall Denver11/14/2014 5:19:38 PM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

Deck The Mall Delay
Hubby and I were expecting to go to the "Deck The Mall" this Saturday to sell jams and aprons, but it has been postponed to the 22nd because of bad weather.  Hopefully next weekend's weather will be better.

9/18/2014 10:13:04 AM - Read Full Post

Sewing Up A Storm
While we were selling some jams locally the weekend before last, hubby and I heard about "A Taste of the Foothills - Fall Family Festival" that will be going on in Evergreen on October 18th.  And if you give free samples (and / or donate to their charity auction), you don't have to pay a booth fee.
So, since we are still nearly swimming in jam, I decided that it might be a good place to sell out all our excess jam for the winter.  But of course, our financial situation that had just ...

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Jam, Frost, and Just a Little Snow
Last weekend was cool, but not cold and between a tiny local farmers market that had three other vendors and a local grocery store parking lot, we sold off about 40 jars of jam.  Of course, this pretty much just covers the cost of about half the other jams I have made lately, but it definitely helps.
Hubby and I even discussed signing up for booth space at the "Taste of the Foothills", but finances are fickle and we probably won't this year unless things change in the next couple ...

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Labor Day Weekend... is for Labor... Right?
I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  For us, the great canning and jamming extravaganza has continued.  I would like to blame it on people for sharing great fruit and veggies with us, but we should all know by now that when I get on a roll, it is just nearly impossible to stop me.
First on Thursday... I was scanning the grocery store ads and ran across a great sale on Honeydew melon.  And I thought... BEST JAM EVER!  I mean, honeydew.  Honey-dew.  Yes!  I... ...
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8/26/2014 7:42:29 PM - 1 Comments - Read Full Post

Jam Updated... and More Recipes
Here are the updates for the Jam Jamboree.  (Recipes have also been updated and you can find full jam-making directions on this post.)
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8/25/2014 3:08:45 PM - 3 Comments - Read Full Post

How To Jam It Up... Full and Low Sugar Style and High Altitude Jam
This post will explain how to make jams and marmalades using Ball Low Sugar pectin including the the following recipes... most of which I made up.  This method can also be used for canning many other types of jams, and also includes notes for high-altitude jam and the adjustments that are needed due to altitude.Plum Delicious Preserves  (Ball Standard Recipe adjusted for tart plums)Strawberry Coconut Jam  (Recipe Made Up by TinkerT)Low Sugar - Coconut Cherry Crunch ...

8/25/2014 1:10:57 PM - Read Full Post

Jamming Jamboree
Last week a friend of ours gave us a bag of plums from the tree that I had planted between our yards back when we lived in Aurora.  And while many were ready or close to ready to eat, quite a few were still tart since the fruit has to be picked before full ripeness or the squirrels will get it all.  So what else would you do with a full bag of tart fruit?  Make Jam!
Trouble is, the last time I was jamming was back when I was in high school and rode a dinosaur to get around.  Well okay... maybe it ...

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Getting Spicy In Style
After the rough Saturday we had, we decided that when we found the label sheets I ordered in the mail on Sunday morning, that it was just the better part of valor to hole up in the house and re-do our spice labels.
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6/12/2014 12:40:38 PM - Read Full Post

Grill Lock-Down:  Temporary Style How To
While it is easy to think that living in the mountains means you never have to deal with high winds, you would be wrong.  We have gotten 100mph gusts, and with each changing of seasons a rampage of high winds come through... often taking anything that isn't nailed down with it... and sometimes even the things that are nailed down.  In fact, whenever the wind blows that hard, a recurring nightmare of mine is that my entire house gets blown into the neighbor's yard and I am alone in the dark trying ...

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DIY Pot Holders and Sewing Machine Repair
While cooking has become less-frequent-to-do than build things for me, it still burns my biscuits when the only reasonably priced (i.e. under $2 each) potholders are so thin and poorly made that the heat burns right through in the moments it takes to move a pan from the oven to the stove-top.   And to find a decent potholder at any price that doesn't look like a piece of modern art or a chicken is just impossible as far as I have found. Not that I have any thing against modern art or chickens... I just ...

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