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12/5/2017 4:12:25 PM - 1 Comments - Read Full Post

My big purchase and big dilemma... a Vacuum.
Well… For this Black Friday sales season, the big purchase was a fancy new vacuum to replace my older vac that I have had to glue pieces together on a few times and finally can’t find all the pieces to glue back anymore.  Was totally my fault for trying to use tools on the hose that didn’t quite fit fully… but in any case, time for a new vac.
After months, and indeed, almost two years of keeping an eye on vacuum prices and features, I decided that this would be a serious investment and I would go for the ...
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11/14/2016 4:47:04 PM - 4 Comments - Read Full Post

A Long Shelf and a Hammer Storage box
Today I managed to get out of my crochet-on-the-couch-while-watching-tv mode and got a couple more boxes for the workshop built.
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10/26/2016 4:03:04 PM - 3 Comments - Read Full Post

Organizing a workshop... one box at a time.
To make my workshop more adjustable I attached french cleats to the walls and will be building "boxes" on matching french cleat hangers.  This way I can move everything around when I change my mind about where everything will go.  And let's face it... I will probably change my mind about the organization in there at least four times in the next year.
The first item to go up though was actually the workbench.  It may also get changed in size and placement, so it too sits on an extra wide cleat. ...

10/16/2016 1:19:48 PM - 24 Comments - Read Full Post

Step By Step - How to Build my Semi-Thein-Clone
To preserve suction and reduce the cleaning of filters and containers of dust removal systems, you can add a pre-vacuum separator.  It removes large and (when done right) even small visible particles before they get to the shop vacuum.
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10/16/2016 10:37:47 AM - Read Full Post

Dust Collection and Suction Comparison with a Shop Vacuum
Jump ahead:The Spice Test (fine powder removal)Spice Test ResultsSuction Test on the WinnersSuction Test ResultsFinal ResultsStep By Step How to build my ...
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10/6/2016 2:03:28 PM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

Walking directly into the workshop.
On days like this with 6 inches of snow on the ground, going outside to get to my workshop is the #1 reason the workshop got smooshed right up against the house.  I don't need to battle snow to get in.
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9/18/2016 12:33:08 PM - 7 Comments - Read Full Post

Not Shocking but a Little Bloody.
While the weather was mostly agreeable, I got the workshop interior insulated and the foam-board up for the ceiling.

9/8/2016 4:52:03 PM - 1 Comments - Read Full Post

Keeping at it.
This morning I when I decided to do a second coat of paint on the parking area shed door trim, I went ahead and mimicked the style of trim and edging on the left side of the door by taping off and painting a matching strip of green.  I think it looks much better than a solid, over-sized area of white.

Then I moved the wood shed-let back out from it’s place, raised the bricks to help sit it better, and got it shoved and lifted ...

8/26/2016 5:01:16 PM - 5 Comments - Read Full Post

A door on both ends.
While the sliding doors still need handles, today has been dedicated to the other end's door.... with mixed results.

7/1/2016 11:42:15 AM - 1 Comments - Read Full Post

Tool Review - Ryobi One+ Caulk Gun
When you need to caulk something, there has been historically two options.  A small tube that you squeeze with your hand or a classic caulk gun.  And while the small tube may work for very small areas, anything more than a few feet of caulking really requires a gun.

1/8/2016 10:10:54 AM - 1 Comments - Read Full Post

New Tools and Project Plans
I love my family and my in-laws... and not just because they are all amazing people, but also because they know a girl can never have too many tools.

10/31/2015 6:45:07 PM - Read Full Post

Halloween Treat.
I have been so sad about my favorite drill.  It has been missing since about the time hubby and I replaced the door and did all that stuff and I was beginning to think it had been carted off with the trash and debris from replacing the door.

9/21/2015 12:00:11 PM - 1 Comments - Read Full Post

An Assortment of Projects and Progress
After some sealing and painting of the trim around the doors, I needed a little break... and this is what my "spa" evening looked like.  A bucket full of epsom salt-soak for my feet, some sun-burn gel for my arms, a bowl full of grapes, iced sweet-tea, and some of my favorite TV shows.  It doesn't look like much, but sometimes the little things at home are better than ...

9/4/2015 2:28:45 PM - 4 Comments - Read Full Post

Poor Darn Drill
I can't be annoyed at the low-mid-grade 1/2 hammer drill from Harbor Freight for dying for two very important reasons: 

9/2/2015 2:14:26 PM - 3 Comments - Read Full Post

I am Done.
No, the list isn't done... don't I wish.  No, I am done... D-O-N-E.  Yep.  At least for a good several days, if not more.  Hubby seems to be in slightly better shape, but I am beginning to think he will see going out of country for work to be a nice break.  LOL.

7/9/2015 5:02:27 PM - 3 Comments - Read Full Post

Trouble Tray
It is hard to believe, but one of my nieces is heading off to college in the fall.  Seems like just yesterday she was poking a dead lizard with a stick and saying "He was a gooood lizard.  I Looooved that lizard." despite the fact that she never met said lizard before.  How incredibly fast they grow up... but I will always kindof see here like this:
Incredibly adorable, right?
But she is grown up now and off she will go to a land far away. ...
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6/18/2015 10:47:36 PM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

My Little Electric Mower
With hubby working long hours and suffering from terrible hay fever, the mowing usually falls to me.  Back in Georgia, mowing was an almost weekly act of heroism, and I had a special shirt with pockets in the cloth to put ice packs like body armor just to survive the stifling heat of summer.  My father's lawnmower... affectionately named "Baby Bush-hog" could chew through grass, brush, and small trees with equal enthusiasm.  That is... if you could get it started.
Finally the ...

6/12/2015 5:01:45 PM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

Ryobi One+ String Trimmer
Into everyone's life a little rain must fall, but here in the Bailey area we have been getting great rain and thunder storms almost every day, and sometimes twice a day.  I feel a little funny saying "usually" when I have only lived here for 5 years, but at least during those years, we had the occasional snow into May, but when the snow stopped, more often than not, so did all moisture up here.  Ushering in a drought that would burn the bushes, stunt the grass, and turn the newly wild-flower filled ...

10/29/2014 10:13:57 AM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

Beginning the Week... Now I'm Done, right?
Monday... I started off a little slow... mostly by breaking the rod for the guest bath toilet handle while I was trying to bend it to fit around the new fill valve/tower I would be installing later,  

8/15/2014 3:20:53 PM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

Time to Clean Up the Dining Room
Well I was about to finish up a couple projects and write a couple posts about them, but somewhere between heading to the kitchen for some cereal and spending the rest of the day watching TV and taking pain killers, I broke my toe.  You know the one… that little pinky toe that jumps half way off my foot in a kamikaze attempt to destroy whatever is on the dining room floor that shouldn't be.  
In this case, half of my tools and one large case of nuts, bolts, and screws that evidently weighs the ...
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