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5/11/2018 11:28:37 AM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

A Planty Painty Project
Around the time that we added a herd of cabinets to the hallway, the area over the kitchen cabinets got some pothos plants and some semi-ordered bamboo sticks to support the vines.  

8/17/2017 4:25:11 PM - 7 Comments - Read Full Post

Replace a damaged trim section, and Painting the House is "Done".
To save my sanity I finally had to separate the projects of "painting the house" and "fixing-scraping-sanding-painting the fascia (roof edge) boards", as well as the doors, and a few bottom boards that can't be done until the patio is pulled up, etc....

7/18/2017 1:27:51 PM - Read Full Post

Exterior paint and a few tips...
I am going to officially call the front of the house... Done.  I know, there are a couple spots like the last board where the patio bricks are, under the porch lights I want to replace, and the edge that needs trim replaced from a satellite dish, but I am not counting those specialty spots that need other work done first.  And besides... I just need to be able to call some part of this "Done".
Here it ...

6/24/2017 2:36:44 PM - 4 Comments - Read Full Post

Paint Progress
While my foldy-collapsy-flippy-scaffoldy ladder is great for versatility, it is nearly as heavy at the huge 28ft slide ladder... and the steps are twice as sharp and painful to stand on for very long.  My great work shoes from Colombia flex enough to easily grip the rungs, but are more resiliently padded than any other shoes I have.  Still, I am almost looking forward to being up on the super tall ladder with flatter steps instead.
And with some progress over the last week or two, I will soon be up there again. ...

9/29/2016 9:29:09 AM - 4 Comments - Read Full Post

Two months later... and the shed is OFFICIALLY DONE.
Well, make that two months and four days since this was dropped off at my house...

9/8/2016 4:52:03 PM - 1 Comments - Read Full Post

Keeping at it.
This morning I when I decided to do a second coat of paint on the parking area shed door trim, I went ahead and mimicked the style of trim and edging on the left side of the door by taping off and painting a matching strip of green.  I think it looks much better than a solid, over-sized area of white.

Then I moved the wood shed-let back out from itís place, raised the bricks to help sit it better, and got it shoved and lifted ...

9/7/2016 5:54:13 PM - 1 Comments - Read Full Post

Just some Before and After pictures...
I am quite impressed with how similar the real thing looks to the tentative idea I mocked up when first thinking about building the little workshop shed.

9/6/2016 7:22:37 PM - 4 Comments - Read Full Post

Basically done with the exterior.
Over the last couple days I have gotten the trim all painted up (and done about half of the trim on the parking area shed done).  So the exterior of my little workshop is basically done.  There is things like installing a couple flood lights, painting the door, and contouring the landscape to replace the brick patio, but that can all be done later.
I have to admit that I think it is looking pretty darn good, and even the extra blocking I had to do at the top of the swing door is looking pretty spiffy. ...

7/15/2016 1:31:01 PM - 4 Comments - Read Full Post

Painting Progress
Uggg!  I have been making good progress on painting the house where the new shed will go, but have to admit I am wearing out really fast.  More frustrating than painting single board strips at a time, is having to fix many things that the previous painters either over-sprayed or just didn't tape off like they should.
One those things was the support beams behind the vent screen.  Probably more work than it would be worth to most people, but it kinda drove me a little nutsy seeing all ...

7/11/2016 5:10:25 PM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

A Whole Lot of Paint and Plans for the Biggest Summer Project Yet
Besides having a nervous breakdown while sitting on a cart in the middle of the Home Depot paint area (because who doesn't have a breakdown when choosing the color of your home for the next 20+ years?), painting the house and shed are actually on the "easy" list for this summer.  And in fact, I would be putting them off until next year, but... all projects seem to require a dozen pre-projects before you can even start on the fun stuff.  Well, if you can count building a 8ft x 14ft shed along the middle of the front ...

7/1/2016 11:42:15 AM - 1 Comments - Read Full Post

Tool Review - Ryobi One+ Caulk Gun
When you need to caulk something, there has been historically two options.  A small tube that you squeeze with your hand or a classic caulk gun.  And while the small tube may work for very small areas, anything more than a few feet of caulking really requires a gun.

9/25/2015 10:22:26 AM - 10 Comments - Read Full Post

So I "Painted" the Shed...
I have been terribly torn about the paint I got for the shed.  It was too light, and despite the best efforts of the paint mixing person, the best we could do is a little less too light.  The color is probably still too light for the house, but it looks great on the shed, and I am kinda in love with the color.  
So I painted the shed...
Or maybe I painted the ...

9/21/2015 12:00:11 PM - 1 Comments - Read Full Post

An Assortment of Projects and Progress
After some sealing and painting of the trim around the doors, I needed a little break... and this is what my "spa" evening looked like.  A bucket full of epsom salt-soak for my feet, some sun-burn gel for my arms, a bowl full of grapes, iced sweet-tea, and some of my favorite TV shows.  It doesn't look like much, but sometimes the little things at home are better than ...

9/15/2015 7:40:57 PM - 3 Comments - Read Full Post

Sneak Peek
I still have to seal around the edges with silicone and painter's caulk and get some touch-up paint, so I will post a more complete bit of information about installing the new door and trim later, but I am almost done with the doors, so thought I would give a little sneak peek...

9/13/2015 2:36:35 PM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

Project ADD
 I am suffering from some severe Project ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).  The problem is, when I have one project that can't be worked on right now for whatever reason... time of day, forgotten supplies, or simply because another project needs to get done first as a needed step to getting done the next project... another project gets started.  And this isn't exactly something new.
Even as a child, it all started with one thing tumbling into disaster.  For example... something as ...

10/29/2014 10:13:57 AM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

Beginning the Week... Now I'm Done, right?
Monday... I started off a little slow... mostly by breaking the rod for the guest bath toilet handle while I was trying to bend it to fit around the new fill valve/tower I would be installing later,  

6/24/2014 12:32:17 PM - 2 Comments - Read Full Post

Lint Pot Makeover
So the first thing you should ask here is "What the heck is a Lint Pot?"

5/28/2014 6:14:43 PM - Read Full Post

Gas Fireplace Trim
When you move into a place (or at least when I do), the second that furniture hits the floor of a room it seems that all forms of home improvement for that room come to a screeching halt.  And that is why painting, window trim, and trim around the gas fireplace were not done in our master bedroom for almost five years despite knowing we wanted to paint, etc.
A couple months ago I got the room finally painted a light refreshing green instead of the lack-luster khaki-brown.  It opened the room and gives a great ...

5/27/2014 5:03:33 PM - 3 Comments - Read Full Post

How to Fill Big Gaps in Window Casing
Because standing on the tip-top of a ladder with a half-gallon of paint, shaky arms, and a sore back is kinda like resting, right?  

4/18/2014 3:10:43 PM - Read Full Post

180 Gallon Table
From the Archives:  6/29/2013
Our Goldfish "Pond" was only about 10 inches from the floor, and could not be seen very well from the dinner table that was in front of it, so we decided to move it to a taller stand.

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